Bombay fashion nova model: ‘I’ve never worn anything like this’

A fashion model from Mumbai, India, has revealed how she has never been a fan of the latest trends and fashion, even after wearing the hottest items.

In an interview with the Hindustan Times, model Pritam Nair says she was never one for the fashion trends and trends in general, even as her favourite brand was Dior. 

“When I first started modelling, I used to look at magazines and I would always look at the fashios.

I would ask people, ‘What is this?’

I would try to find the best one,” she told the newspaper.

“I think Dior is one of the best fashion brands in the world, but I have never worn a Dior product. 

I used to wear designer clothes, but even as I grew up, I was always looking for the best.

I was never the one who bought a designer suit. 

When I started modelling in the 70s, I would look at a magazine and I’d ask people what is the best dress or the best pair of shoes.

I used the word fashia in the way I said, ‘this is the fiestia that I can wear.’

I think it was very difficult for me to express myself with that kind of fashion. 

But I started getting more and more attracted to fashion now and I love fashion now,” she said.”

I don’t think fashion is for everyone, but for me, it’s for the people who look like me, who can do something very, very different.”

In an Instagram post, the 34-year-old model said that she started her modelling career as a child, before going on to have her own fashion label, Dior Cosmetics, in 1991.

“My career started in 1989.

I went to university in Bombay, where I studied fashion design, and I started my modelling career,” she wrote.

“Then, I moved to New York, where my modelling was. 

Eventually, I found my first designer clothes brand, Dion, and my modelling and acting career started to take off.”

She added: “I still do my modelling for Dion now, but now, it is a little bit different because I am not working for them anymore. 

Today, I have more to say about Dion Cosmetics and how they made me realise how I was born and what I was like as a teenager. 

My modelling career has also given me a lot of respect and admiration for Dior and the brands they have built. 

The company is known for making a range of products, including the Dior Couture Collection and the Dion Couture, the latest addition to the DION line-up. 

Nair, who has a degree in mechanical engineering, says that she still enjoys modelling in a fashion house. 

In a post on Instagram, she wrote: “As a young girl, I always loved dressing up in the latest fashias and wearing the best clothes in fashion.

Now I feel that it is my duty to inspire others and show them that they can do their own thing with the best of brands. 

 I am very happy to be a part of Dior now and have the opportunity to do what I love.