Fashion magazine NOVA will be launching its 80s women’s fashion line in February with the collection, which is based on vintage styles from the period, the magazine said on its website. 

“In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the fashion and design revolution, the NOVA line will feature some of the most iconic designs from the 80s,” the magazine added.

The collection will also feature dresses, pants, shirts, boots and accessories.

The style, which will include a new silhouette for the fall season, will be a collaboration between fashion designer and design studio, NOVA. 

According to NOVA, the collection will include pieces like dresses and dresses with a modern twist, which are designed to show off the curves and natural curves of the 80-year-old era.

“The NOVA collection will feature pieces inspired by vintage styles and will be crafted from the best materials available,” the news site said. 

NOVA also plans to use the fashion trend as a marketing tool for the brand, which aims to bring attention to its “vintage style”.

The NOVAs first collection will be launched on February 21.