When you’re a fashion designer, what are some of the top things you look for in a new collection?

Fashion designer, artist, and fashion plate enthusiast, Anna, shares the best and most interesting fashion plates from around the world.

Anna is a designer at Vogue and is a member of the Fashion Designers Guild.

The best part of being a fashion plate designer is knowing that you can create a fashion collection for just about anyone.

Anna’s tips on what makes a great plate include:     “Make it fun, but also timeless and timeless in its own right.

I think a lot of people would just go for a classic and not a pop culture or trendy design.”

    “I love the idea of a plate where there is a really cool piece and a cool piece that really fits in with the aesthetic of the collection.

I would never do something where it’s just a super-cool piece but it’s not a fashion piece.”

    “Don’t forget to do the makeup, because people have very sensitive skin.”

 Anna is also a member in good standing of the International Fashions & Collectibles Association, and is currently working on a collection for an upcoming fashion show in Italy.

What do you think about Anna’s picks?

Do you have any of your own?