Cooper’s has announced the launch of its first Sydney retail outlet, which will open in December.

The retailer said the new store will have a more than 50 per cent share of its sales, as it will be a first-of-its-kind location in Sydney.

“We believe this will be the most popular and sustainable location in the city, and we’re very excited about its success,” co-founder and chief executive Michael Cooper said.

Cooper’s is Australia’s largest clothing retailer with stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Hobart.

Cooper has been pushing to expand in Sydney for a long time.

In July, the company opened its first store in Melbourne, and this month it opened its second store in the heart of the city’s CBD.

“We’re committed to building an amazing shopping experience for our loyal customers and we believe Sydney is a great place to open,” Mr Cooper said in a statement.

“A strong local retail base and a vibrant community are all important elements in our success and we look forward to a bright future.”

Cooper said the retail outlet will be located in the former Cooper’s Electronics retail store, which opened in November.

“Our vision is to expand the footprint of our retail stores in the CBD, where customers can shop for their daily essentials, while also exploring new opportunities in other areas of our company,” Mr Cohen said.

“The Cooper’s Vision is a vision for a more sustainable retail experience for the city and we have set out the groundwork to achieve this vision.”

Mr Cooper said the location will also include a range of merchandise that will reflect the “modern and forward thinking” of the retailer.

He said the outlet will also feature a “fashion optical” section, which includes a range the retailer has recently introduced.

Mr Cooper described the space as a “sister store” to its current retail store in Adelaide, which it will eventually move into.