Fashionistas and fashion-minded women are excited to take part in this year’s “Best of the Year” award and, after a few days of campaigning and discussion, are able to choose which of their favorite outfits from this year will win the coveted award.

The fashionistas are also encouraged to vote for their favorite fashion-forward outfits from previous years and the winner will be announced on February 11.

Here are the top 10 fashionista outfits for the 2016-2017 season:Breezewear has been in the fashion spotlight for some time now with its runway-ready look, but it may be its first runway collection since its last season.

With the arrival of a new model, the brand’s designers also had to reinvent the look with the addition of a few pieces to the runway show, including a metallic and sparkly metallic necklace.

The new look also includes a new, metallic and glittery red skirt, a black lace thong, and a new color scheme.

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The top three outfits will be featured on the runway.