Audrey Hepbal has a new fashion school called Fashion School of Tomorrow.

The school, which opened last month in downtown Los Angeles, is modeled after the late actress’ own fashion school in Paris, where she studied under the tutelage of famed couture designer François-Xavier Gaboury.

The design of the school is modeled on the Paris school and is modeled off the latest trends in fashion.

The designers are hoping that the school will spark a new wave of designers that are inspired by the actress.

The new school is the first to be launched in the United States.

The first school in the world opened in London in 2007, and was later followed by an expansion in the US.

The fashion school has since expanded to Los Angeles and New York, where it is located at 845 Hollywood Blvd., in Hollywood.

Here are some of the highlights from the new school’s new look: “Our students are taught the craft of fashion.

Our students will be the first generation to be trained in the art of couture,” Audrey Hepbloac wrote on the school’s website.

“As they grow and mature, they will discover their creative and artistic abilities through the hands-on experience of creating and wearing a piece of clothing.”

Fashion School Of Tomorrow is open on Mondays from 6:30-9 p.m. and Fridays from 6-9:30 p.k.

It has six spaces available, including a three-bedroom, two-bathroom room for $1,750 per month.

It also offers a $10,000 tuition waiver for students to cover expenses, including tuition, books and supplies.

“The idea is to help these young girls, who may not be ready to be fashion designers yet, have a place to hone their skills and to build their confidence in their craft,” Audrey’s daughter, Audrey Hepback, wrote on Twitter.

“Our hope is that this new school will inspire the next generation of young women who are looking to make their mark in the industry and have an opportunity to be creative.”

Fashion students can attend classes, but not until May at the earliest.

The academy is currently open to all students.

Here is a look at the fashion school’s latest creations.

Audrey Hep Bloac opened Fashion School In Paris, which is modeled in Paris on fashion designers Gabourys designs.

Fashion School To Inspire The Next Generation of Fashion Designers in LA!

The #AudreyHepbloacs school will open on May 14th at 895 Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood and will have 6 spaces available.

It will also have an $8,000 Tuition Waiver to help pay for classes, as well as the ability to choose the school based on the following criteria: 1) Experience in couture design 2) Experience and knowledge of the latest couture trends 3) Interest in and desire to pursue a career in the fashion industry 4) Interest and desire for a career within the fashion and beauty industry.

This school will be a first for LA.

It was designed by French couturier and designer FrançoisXavierGaboury in Paris in 2007 and opened in Los Angeles in 2010.

It is now located in downtown LA, at 835 Hollywood Blvd.

It started in May and currently offers a tuition waiver of $10 the first year.

The schools biggest addition to the campus is the addition of the fashion program.

In a previous statement, the school announced that it is adding a 3-bedroom apartment, which can cost $3,400 per month, for $2,750.

It currently has six classrooms and two classrooms are currently rented.

The apartments can be used by either a male or female student.

“We are excited to bring our unique style to the city of Los Angeles,” Audrey said in a statement.

“It is a dream come true to see the fashion students and their families here for the first time.”

The fashion academy will teach students to design and create new couture designs.

The students are trained in couturiers couture techniques, and then to sew couture garments for clients.

“Every day, we learn from our designers the latest fashion trends and design concepts.

This is an opportunity for students who have never been in the couture industry to learn about the art and craft of making couture clothes for the world’s biggest fashion brands,” Audrey wrote.

“For the first years, we will be teaching students in the traditional fashion school fashion.

We are looking forward to bringing this new concept to the community and creating a new career in fashion.”

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