How fashion designers are evolving as fashion schools struggle to find new students

Dublin Fashion Design School has just had to raise its standards in order to recruit new students after a number of graduates were unable to pass the entrance exam.

Dublin Fashion Designers’ Union (FDDSU) organiser Brian Walsh said the department had also had to make some difficult decisions.

He said the school was already struggling financially and he believed that had to be the case for many of its students.

However, he said there were also a number who were making progress.

The FDDSU’s national president John Doyle said a number students were currently graduating and that this was the most difficult time in the history of the institution.

“The number of students graduating this year is now at the highest level ever,” he said.

“There is a very high level of confidence that our graduates will be able to contribute to the future of the school.”

Mr Walsh said he had asked the department to take a look at its standards to see if there was anything that needed to be done.

“What needs to be changed is the curriculum, we need to make it more relevant to what we are teaching our students.”

I think it would be best if we had a more inclusive, non-traditional, non religious curriculum.

“In a statement, the department said it had received a number Ofsted reports about the school.”

It has been brought to our attention that students may not have passed the entrance examination due to lack of preparation.

“We are working with the department of education to ensure that all of the students who failed the entrance examinations are able to apply for courses and that the students in these courses are properly prepared,” the statement said.