‘The Unofficial Disney Store’ Previews All of Disney’s New Merchandise in October 2016

The official Disney Store in Downtown Disney is open and offering some of the most exciting items you can get from the Disney Store this month.

Check out the new Disney merchandise to be available in October from October 9th through October 21st, including:1.

Exclusive Disney Infinity-themed clothing: The Mickey Mouse-themed collection is on sale now!2.

A collection of iconic Disney figures from Disney’s classic animated film “The Jungle Book”: The Minnie Mouse, the Buzz Lightyear, and the Disney Princesses are all available for purchase in October.3.

Disney’s “A New Beginning” music video and the original “The Lion King” soundtrack are available for sale.4.

Disney Parks-themed merchandise: Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are now available for a limited time in a special Mickey Mouse T-shirt!5.

Disney and Pixar-themed apparel: The Disney Junior’s “Mama Mouse” sweatshirt, “Tiny Tim” sweatshirts, and “Mickey and Minnie” hoodies are available now!6.

A full collection of the Disney Infinity and Disney Junior figures.

The Disney Infinity line includes Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, The Little Mermaid, Frozen, and more!7.

A new line of “Disney Magic” dolls: A Disney Infinity collection includes the new Princess and the Frog and Winnie the Pooh, and a new character: Mickey and Minny!8.

A special Disney Junior T-Shirt with all the latest merchandise including the Disney Parks theme park merchandise.9.

A limited edition Mickey Mouse Minnie-Poo doll from Disney Parks!10.

A Disney Junior-themed Mickey Mouse plushie.11.

Disney Pixar Toy Story-themed items, including Mickey Mouse Toy Story and the Pixar Treetop Express!12.

A “Minnie Mouse and the Magical Map” book from Disney Pixar’s upcoming feature film “Cars 3”.13.

The “Disney Parks Collection” line includes a variety of exclusive merchandise for kids.14.

A complete line of Disney merchandise, including an exclusive Mickey Mouse Muppet costume and accessories, as well as accessories for Mickey Mouse, Minnie, and Donald.15.

A Mickey Mouse Magic Map with all of the new Mickey Mouse merchandise available for just $79!16.

A collectible Mickey Mouse t-shirt from Disney Merchandise that comes in the Disney Park section.17.

Mickey Mouse “Disneyland Adventures” character figures are available in “M&M” and “Candy Crush” styles.18.

A fun-size Mickey Mouse figure with a Mickey Mouse sticker on the chest.19.

The first wave of Disney Junior character figures, including the new M&M Mickey Mouse.20.

A exclusive Mickey mouse sticker on each Mickey Mouse hat.21.

Disney Junior plushie featuring the new Minnie & Stitch character figures.22.

A first look at the Disney Junior “Ticket to Ride” theme park attractions.23.

Disney Animation’s “The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” film will be released in October!24.

A brand new Mickey mouse t-shirts with all Mickey Mouse characters and a “Tiffany Mouse” sticker on them.25.

Disney Family Movies featuring Mickey Mouse: The New Mickey Mouse Adventure, The Snow White Adventure, and The Lion King.26.

Disney Characters: The newest addition to the Disney Animated Universe, Mickey Mouse!27.

Disney Magic: A limited number of Mickey Mouse hats available for an exclusive price!28.

A classic Mickey Mouse toy, including a Mickey mouse backpack and a Mickey Mickey Mouse poster!29.

A personalized Mickey Mouse collectible figure from the Mickey Mouse franchise!30.

Disney Minnie’s Dream House!1.

A very limited amount of “Tee-sicle” collectible t-shirts and collectible figurines from the “Disney Minnie Stitch” franchise.2.

Disney Infinity “Tees” collection includes “MicKEY’s Minnie Munchkin” collectibles.3: A very exclusive Mickey Minnie Minnie sticker on every Mickey Mouse bag.4: A collectable Mickey Mouse Mini Mouse plush toy from the popular Disney Minna Mouse franchise.5: A Mickey Minie plush toy with a Disney Minie sticker on it!6: Mickey Minis plush toys are now in “Coco’s Grotto” and in “The Magic Kingdom”!7: A unique Mickey Mouse character collectible poster!8: A “MicKey’s Minie Munchkins” collectable pin set!9: A new Mickey Minifigure collectible plush toy!10: Mickey-themed “Coconut Munch” plushie!11: A special Mickey Minima plush toy featuring a Mickey Minama and Mickey Mouse tag on it!!12: A exclusive Disney Minimea plush toy available for $79.99!13: Mickey’s Minifigures: A complete collection of Mickey Minig