Fashion nova costume designer reveals the ultimate in retro-inspired clothing in her latest collection

When I started out, my inspiration was pretty much what everyone else was wearing.

I just wanted to be like them.

But then I got to know the people I know.

And I’ve noticed the trends that were coming out at the time.

I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

The designer behind Fashion novas, Cam Newton, is not only celebrating her 50th birthday, but she’s also making her mark with the perfect vintage costume.

It’s a modern take on the classic nova outfit.

You see it here on the left, and it’s actually the outfit that inspired the character’s name.

Newton is the creative director at New Look, a fashion design company based in New York City.

Newton’s costume looks exactly like it would have worn when she was a kid.

She’s wearing a vintage-inspired skirt with an intricate lace pattern and a colorful lace-up blouse with a faux-leather belt and knee-high boots.

The outfit is a modern reimagining of an old-school style that is still going strong.

It is a classic look for when you want to be your own little version of a vintage character.

The original costume was inspired by a collection of novas Newton would see as a kid in the 1960s and 70s.

Newton had been dressing up as a little girl for years.

“The only thing I really changed was that I was wearing a skirt,” Newton said.

“I would have been wearing a white shirt and a skirt.”

But, she added, the skirt was just too cute.

She said that she just had to make it as cool as possible.

Newtons vintage-themed outfit is available for purchase now.

You can pick it up at, but you can also visit her Instagram page for a closer look.