Former fashion designer Coco Chanel says she has never worn a pair of heels, but she’s never felt more confident.

The fashion designer was on hand on Thursday at the premiere of Coco Chanels latest film Coco: A Madea, and spoke about the importance of her fashion brand, which has been in the news for its fashion line, which features designer brands such as Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Swimwear, and Zara.

The film’s star, Coco Chanelle, said she was inspired by fashion from the 70s, but when she went to work at Calvin Klein in the late 80s, she saw a new vision for the company.

“It was all about creating and creating and making people feel comfortable,” Chanel said.

“The new generation wants to have the freedom to wear what they want, to do what they’re comfortable in and to feel what they feel.

I really want to be able to do that.

And to me, that’s what fashion is.”

She added that while she doesn’t like the term “shoe-free,” she doesn.

“That’s a terrible word, I don’t like that,” she said.

“I wear heels and I have heels, and I’m proud of that.

But I’ve never been able to walk around with heels.

That’s not what I’m about.

I want to wear them, I want the best shoes that I can afford, and it’s not easy.”

As Chanel has grown her fashion empire, she’s also worked with fashion designers from around the world, including Calvin Klein’s Coco Chaneling and Calvin Klein Fashions’ Coco Chaneled.

Chanel’s work has been featured on magazines like The New York Times Fashion Week, The Hollywood Reporter, Vogue and Glamour, and has also been featured in the New York Observer, The Wall Street Journal and Elle.

In addition to Coco, Chanel was also featured in Coco, Coco, and Coco Chanellas Fashion Show.