Northridge fashion store owner Jeong Yoon said he’s proud of his business, which he opened in November after more than a decade in business.

Jeong said the store’s new location at 3121 N.E. 1st Ave.

is perfect for the store to attract younger customers who are looking for casual styles that don’t necessarily fit traditional Japanese styles.

Jeongs clothing line, Jeong Jeong, is a Japanese streetwear brand that has garnered national attention.

The store, which has about 20 employees, started with the goal of selling streetwear for men and women, Jeongs founder said.

But the company quickly expanded to cater to the casual market, which it has been successful at.

Jeons products are made in Japan and come in a variety of styles.

A typical item can be found at $60, Jeons brand says on its website.

He said he has been in business since he was 19 years old, and his family moved to Northridge about six years ago.

He plans to stay in business for at least a decade.

He’s looking to expand his line to include other Japanese styles, like kimonos, pants and jackets, Jeon said.

Jeon is not alone.

In Northridge, there are plenty of other businesses that sell streetwear.

There are many Japanese street wear shops around town, including Jeong and others.

The owner of a Japanese-style streetwear store at 2201 N.W. Northridge said he plans to sell his store, too.

“We’ll keep it open for a long time,” the owner, Yoshiyuki Kim, said.

Kim said he started his business because he likes the Japanese-Style style of streetwear and wants to sell it.

Kim, who has two children, plans to open a store in the near future, but he has not yet decided where he will do so.

“The goal is to sell something Japanese and to sell in a Japanese fashion house,” Kim said.

A similar store at 2100 N. W. Northwood was shuttered last month, but Kim plans to reopen it with a new name and a new look.

Kim also plans to expand the store with Japanese styles in the future.

“Japanese streetwear is the only style I can sell to people who want it, and I want to sell Japanese style,” Kim added.