Posted October 03, 2019 12:00:22It’s not hard to see why high fashion should stop staring at the models, too.

While some of the most successful fashion brands have come from established brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Dolce & Lavalle, the majority of high fashion’s most influential designers have come out of fashion’s past, or are the product of a fashion industry that’s increasingly focused on mass-market trends.

The reason for that is simple: the fashion industry is more focused on selling high-fashion goods than it is on fashion itself.

That’s a problem that’s been exacerbated by the rise of mass-selling online stores like eBay and Amazon, which are often the only source of high-quality high-end clothing and accessories for the masses.

That, combined with the trend of mass customization and the rapid shift of fashion towards a consumer-driven world, have led to a culture of self-indulgence.

This trend has caused fashion’s stars to feel more like celebrities than the high-caliber, high-paying designers who used to make their living selling clothes.

Now, instead of having a star-studded runway show or designer-focused fashion show, the high fashion industry has turned into an endless stream of fashion-focused, celebrity-focused events.

For fashion’s star designers, the lack of exposure has led to an ever-increasing sense of entitlement.

Some have been openly questioning whether high fashion is actually a viable profession at all. 

The fashion industry’s star stars have come to feel like celebrities, even though they are not.

If you’re a fashion designer, your career is built on selling designer clothes, but the most important part of that business is getting customers to buy your stuff.

Fashion is like a game of chance.

If you’re not selling high fashion, you are probably not making money.

If your career doesn’t earn you a paycheck, your chances of landing a celebrity gig are slim to none.

The only thing you can control is your image, and celebrity endorsements are one of the biggest selling points for fashion designers.

To many designers, their fame and wealth are a blessing in disguise.

As the industry’s most powerful and visible, designers are expected to deliver a high-priced line of merchandise at an affordable price, and they do it by doing what they’re best at: making people feel good.

The designers at the top of the fashion hierarchy are given huge budgets to make themselves look cool, so it’s no surprise that designers who make the most money will take what they can get.

And in a world where celebrity endorsements can buy you the ability to speak to the masses, designer stars have to be careful to keep their images of themselves out of the spotlight.

The stars of high style have been doing just that.