Why Audrey Hepburn wore a skirt with a belt and boots during her famous Paris Fashion Week event

A few weeks ago, we covered Audrey Hepworths Paris Fashion week event where she wore a dress, a pair of shoes, and a skirt to showcase her style.

Since then, her style has been a staple in fashion blogs around the world and many of her fans have taken to Instagram to post pictures of their own Audrey Hepfies outfits.

We can’t help but notice a few similarities to the style that Audrey Hepsworth wore during the Paris Fashion Weeks in 1969 and 1970, so we figured we would share a few tips on how to dress up your Audrey Hepbursts fashion show outfits.1.

Keep the style simple.

If you have a few styles to choose from, don’t try to go overboard with them.

Keep it simple.

For Audrey Hepcraft, she wore only a skirt, and she had a skirt that was made out of a lace fabric, not a mesh like some other famous fashion icons.

A skirt can be more versatile, but it doesn’t have to be the most expensive.


Don’t be a fashion-forward dresser.

Audrey Hepwells style of dress-up was very conservative and very informal, which makes it perfect for a party or event.

However, some fashion designers use more elaborate pieces that require more detail.

This means you can still dress up Audrey Hepbournes look, but you’ll need to be more careful when you do it. 3.

Dress up your look with accessories.

Audrey’s outfit was very casual, and her accessories were a bit more complicated, but they were still a great way to keep her style unique and in style.

You can add a bracelet or necklace, which you can wear to the event, or you can create a necklace or bracelet out of fabric or a card.

It’s a lot more elegant than just a plain white necklace.


Make your Audrey look look unique.

Audrey was very comfortable in her dress, which made it easy to keep it stylish and fun.

If she was wearing an evening dress or a short skirt, make sure it didn’t come down too far.

If Audrey was wearing a long skirt, try to keep the length down so that you don’t end up looking too silly.


Make Audrey look glamorous.

Audrey had an air of glamour about her that is hard to emulate.

Make her look glamorous by adding jewelry or a bracelet to the look.

This will add a bit of sophistication and individuality to your Audrey style.

Audrey is a pretty unique figure in terms of fashion, and that can make a big difference.

Check out the full Audrey Hepburt’s style guide here.

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