I’ve worn many smartwatches over the years.

Some of them have been a bit expensive.

But the ones that I have always liked, even though they are pricey, are still good watches.

They are easy to use, comfortable, and they are smart.

And I really like the idea of wearing smartwares that are smart without being overly expensive.

When I first heard about the new smartwears that I wanted to try out, I thought it would be expensive.

I thought I would have to shell out a little bit more.

So I went to an online retailer, the smartwear store.

I asked for the cheapest smartwatch.

And they sent me a $299 watch with a $100 coupon.

I was skeptical.

I mean, it’s not like you could get a $600 watch for $100.

But they gave me a really nice watch with two big features that I thought were great.

The first was the ability to wear smartwalls with your pants.

I had been eyeing this one out for awhile and wanted to get my hands on it.

And it’s actually a really good watch.

The second feature is the ability for the watch to be worn as a pants pocket watch.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m on my phone or my tablet and I’m trying to keep track of everything I do, I tend to forget that I’m wearing smart shoes, pants, or shorts.

So the first feature is great for keeping track of the things that I am doing in my life, like checking emails or Facebook or Twitter or whatever.

But I wanted something that I could wear while I was still at home.

And the smartwatch came with a belt pouch and a pouch that I can put my phone in.

So, the pouch in the watch allows you to put your phone in there.

So if I wanted a pocket watch that I didn’t need to take my phone out of the pouch, I could put my smartphone in the pouch and I could still keep track.

The smartwatch has a pretty smartwatch look to it.

It has a slightly squared shape, and it’s a little thinner than a regular watch.

And this watch has a nice leather strap that goes down to just above your knee.

And that’s not the most comfortable watch strap on the market, but it works well.

And then there’s the bracelet.

The bracelet is nice.

It’s a lot of metal.

And because it’s made of plastic, it doesn’t look too bulky.

But it’s definitely not as shiny as you’d expect.

And as far as the case goes, it has a stainless steel finish.

So it’s pretty sturdy.

But you do get a little more material than you would get in a regular case.

The only thing that really bothered me was the price.

The $299 smartwatch comes with a pair of Apple Watch bands.

So you can wear it as a regular bracelet or as a watchband, but they are $49.99 each.

So that makes the smart watch $449.99.

And when you combine the $149.99 price tag with the $29.99 shipping fee, you have a total of $449 in total for shipping.

So overall, this smartwatch is a great smartwatch for a smart person.

But when I first got my hands, I was pretty impressed.

So why are you going to spend that much on a smartwatch?

Because smartwands are smartwashes.

If you’re interested in what smartwash looks like, check out this video.

And if you’re curious about what I wear everyday, check this out.

I wear it all the time.

I have the same watch on at least five occasions, and I wear every day, including weekends.

So even though the smartwear was pretty nice, I’m definitely not a smartwatcher.

But if you want to get your hands on one, you can do it at the smartware store.