Hiking in the summer can be an overwhelming undertaking.

It’s often the most fun part of your hike and it requires a lot of attention to detail.

Here are the best backpacks for hiking through the winter.

Winter hiking: The best hiking backpack for winter is the Nalgene Nighthawk.

It has a nice blend of comfort and style.

The Nighthawks are great for day hikes and can be very comfortable for those of us who like to go cold.

The Nighthaws can be used as a sleeping bag, as a light jacket, as backpacks or as a carry-on for those that don’t have a backpack.

They’re great for the long-distance hiking enthusiast because they are lightweight and packable, and the extra room in the main compartment is useful for packing more things.

It can be a great choice for those who don’t want to be stuck in a backpack and who are willing to make some sacrifices to save a little bit of space.

For a few weeks this winter, the Nighthawes have been a great hiking companion for me.

The main compartment was a little smaller than I expected, but it didn’t seem to affect the overall comfort of the backpack.

The backpacks straps are super soft, and they pack nicely, especially with the zipper.

The straps also allow you to pull down the sides to create more storage space.

The mesh panels are a nice touch, and there are a few other features that I would love to see.

The nylon strap also comes with a zippered pocket.

The front pocket is a nice option for storing small items like cell phones, and it is very easy to access with the zippers.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the Nighawes and I’m glad that they are still available.

I would recommend the Nawshaws to anyone looking to tackle winter hiking.

For a light backpack, I like the Naws, but for someone who is more serious about winter, there are better options.