The new Fashion Fair in the U.K. is bringing a lot of attention to skin care.

And it’s bringing with it some serious eye candy.

The annual beauty show is one of the most watched and talked about beauty events in the world.

It’s the brainchild of London-based makeup artist and cosmetics expert Laura Kate, who says the show has brought together a diverse group of makeup artists.

Laura Kate said makeup has always been a touchstone for the brand, and she wants it to become more inclusive.

She wants makeup artists to embrace the more complex, more subtle look that makeup is all about, she said.

“I want the makeup world to be a place where it’s a little bit more about the skin and a little more about what your skin is all on about,” she said, adding that makeup artists should also embrace the new “beauty-inspired” cosmetics.

It was a big day for makeup artists and makeup products in the city.

They were all over the place and were wearing their own products.

You could see people trying on their own makeup, and they were very proud to be there.

Laura Kate, founder of Laura Kate makeup brand, said the show was a huge success for the cosmetics industry.

More than 200,000 people came out, she added.

In addition to the makeup artists, a number of celebrities and celebrities friends came out.

She said the whole thing was a great way to bring together people who are all very diverse.

She also said the makeup is getting better.

The makeup artists are getting more creative and there is a really strong makeup community that is coming together,” she added, saying it has been a big hit.

But Laura Kate said she has a number more issues to address.

She said she wants to continue to work with makeup artists who have been around makeup for a long time.

She said that while she is proud of the makeup show, it is not enough to support the cosmetics business.

As makeup continues to evolve, so should its use in everyday life.”

I think we need to be really conscious about how we are wearing makeup, in terms of how we do it, how we use it, what we don’t use it for, how much we wear it,” she told ABC News.

Laura Jane Grace, an assistant professor at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Design and co-founder of the Cosmetics Academy, said it’s important to look at the products you’re using and the process of wearing them.

For example, she recommended using a foundation in place of a concealer and for makeup that has been applied for a period of time.”

It’s the beauty of using the products, and the beauty is that you can look at it, you can get the look, you know, what you’re doing and the products are going to work better,” Grace said.

Laura said she does think there is an opportunity to bring more beauty to the cosmetics world.

She sees an opportunity for the industry to take a more inclusive approach to makeup.”

We need to start seeing more of these diverse people that are really talented and really beautiful,” she explained.