Business Insider’s Fashion Week is over, but in the past few months, we’ve seen fashionistas reinvent their favorite outfits and make their mark on the world.

Here are five fashion trends that will probably never go out of style:1.

The Braidy GirlBraidy is a hairstyle inspired by the Braid, a style of hairstyles in which long hair is combed in two straight braid styles, the side bangs forming the side and the long braid forming the bang.

The hairstyle is often worn with long hair tied in a bun and a fringe or braid.2.

The Flapper DressBikini, or flapper dress, is an informal style worn by women who dress casually in an informal way.

In this style, the wearer wears a skirt and top with a skirt covering her bust and a tank top.3.

The Dapper Dapper dressThe DapperDapper dress is a modern style that is popular among younger and younger generations of women.

The dress is made from a combination of lace and a short, high neckline.4.

The Bling RingThe BlingRing is a tie-dye, patterned silk dress with a simple design and a strong silhouette.

The fabric is made of silksilk or wool and is often used for evening wear.5.

The PompadourThe Pomp is a traditional dress that is often paired with a blazer.

It has a skirt that covers the shoulders and a bust that is covered by a skirt.