The Cato Institute’s new clothing boutique has been selling men’s and women’s clothes at $200 per pair, or $1,000 for men’s items.

The shop opened last week in New York’s Fashion Island stores, and was the brainchild of David Kamin, Cato’s executive director.

It’s been a hit at fashion stores in New Jersey and other cities, but it’s been especially popular at clothing boutiques in New Hampshire, according to Kamin.

New Hampshire’s two largest fashion boutiques, Newburyport and St. John’s, are also owned by Cato, which has a full-time executive vice president for retail operations.

Kamin says Cato has been able to bring in more than $1 million for the New Hampshire clothing market since the new shop opened, which includes $500,000 in sales in New England alone.

The Cato boutique, with a long list of clothing items and accessories, includes a collection of jackets, dresses, sweaters, pants and other accessories.

Kagan says it’s also selling shirts for $1 each.

The new store has about 20 percent of the apparel sales in the state, he says.

Kamin says the boutique is a good fit for New Hampshire’s fashion scene, which he describes as “one of the largest in the country.”

“We’ve seen an incredible resurgence of style, and the Cato brand is an excellent fit for that,” he says, adding that the boutique sells items that are made in-house.

Cato is not the first brand to be in the fashion industry.

Last year, a chain of clothing stores in California opened with a similar goal.

But Cato’s new venture is the latest in a long line of boutique clothing ventures for Cato.

The institute has been a pioneer in fashion and other fashion-related businesses, and has created a portfolio of fashion brands, including Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren and J.Crew.